0.1.10 Prototype


This is a nightly build from progress in the combat and movement systems. Currently, I am at the minimum goal in terms of movement and combat or the Minimum Viable Product . So while I would like to add more, I'm not sure I will get to it until after the Jam ends. The next part to get its base functionality is going to be the enemy skeletons. I think the minimum there will be the melee skeleton, but I should get a chance to add a skeletal mage or crossbowman. The plan after enemies is to get a basic UI implemented and then level generation.

New Changes

  • Sprint added (use Shift)
  • Both basic fire spells added (Left and Right click)
  • Level Changes
  • Texture Changes

Obviously, there will be more changes in the coming days and as usual, I will have a blog post outlining the changes and goals.

Edit 1: Changed the link for MVP to the Wiki page. It had more information. Also, increased the size of "New Changes"


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Jul 07, 2017

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