Getting Close...

Getting very close to the Game Jam complete date. So its time to stop adding features and only add what's needed to polish the game. I'd really like to add new spells so I may do that after the jam ends (as well as a high score table). What WILL get finished is the setup screen. I'd like the ability to change generation options etc.

This version almost wraps up the game. It fixes a lot of performance issues in the previous versions. It also has a lot of polishing work done to it and I will continue to bug fix and add polish until the jam concludes. After that, I will likely add the last 2 spells and a leaderboad. Again this is more so to be a prototype for a real effort game. (More info on that on the game's main page).

There are however some known issues with this build. The main one being performance issues on WebGL. I think at least a portion of it can be helped by removing FXAA and SSAO so I will probably set the quality down a bit for web in the next build.

Further issues:

  • Setup Screen scaling issues. The setup screen doesn't scale right so you can't see text unfortunately.
  • UI Issue with the Fireball Icon showing active even when you don't have enough mana
  • Flamethrower sound issue. (Not quite right.)


Fire-Boy_0.8.26.zip Play in browser
Jul 14, 2017
Fire-Boy_0.8.26_Linux.zip 41 MB
Jul 14, 2017
Fire-Boy_0.8.26_MacOS.zip 38 MB
Jul 14, 2017
Fire-Boy_0.8.26_Win64.zip 24 MB
Jul 14, 2017

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