1.1.43 - Final

1.1.43 Final (Build 43)

So 43 builds of the game later, I've come to what I consider a finished prototype. I'd love to continue working this into a full game since interest has been shown. I'll release this version on Kongregate and iDevGames as well to maximize input I'm given. 

This build is a fairly big bump over the 1.0.37 build. With most bugs fixed, better pathfinding for the AI, a new spell, some new sounds and an overall polish.

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented. Please let me know if anyone wants to know how I did anything. I dont mind sharing bits of code or knowledge. 

Kindest Regards,


Fire-Boy_1.1.43_WebGL.zip Play in browser
Jul 25, 2017
Fire-Boy_1.1.43_Linux.zip 42 MB
Jul 25, 2017
Fire-Boy_1.1.43_Win64.zip 24 MB
Jul 25, 2017
Fire-Boy_1.1.43_MacOS.zip 39 MB
Jul 25, 2017

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