0.3.14 Prototype


Well, we have a mostly functional game. I didn't skip 0.2 that was build 12, but I did skip it here since I made so much progress in such a short time. 02 was initially having the basic skeleton and then having the mana system working. I went a step further and almost immediately after, I got the UI built. The UI may still get tweaks but at this point, we have a playable game. Massive changes were had today as listed below.


  • Skeleton AI Finished (Mostly, I will still make them stop when they swing)
  • Mana system implemented and working
  • Health system for both the skeletons and player is working
  • Damage intake and output working. 
  • UI Made in nearly its entirety.
  • Healing and Mana pads added to the game
  • Spawner added to the game
  • Small level changes
  • Much more.

Even though I made good progress, I then went ahead and started working on the Procedural level builder (which is the last part of the minimum viable product) and started working on it and already have the base system built and working. The current dev build is 0.5.16 as of this writing and I will probably update the project with a 0.6 build soon. (Need more objects and some bugs fixed). Please report any bugs to me so that I may fix them. I know in the demo, that the flamethrower is broken, I have fixed it a bit.

Once I hit 0.7 I will submit the game to the jam and then continue updating during the jam. There are still quite a few features I would like to add (like 3 more spells, 2 more skeleton types, more robust generation, combat polish) and I may get to do some of them depending on timing.

Thanks for reading!


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Jul 08, 2017

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