0.7.19 - 0.7.21 Alpha


So this update will have the largest set of changes. Everything from a working UI, Generated level, mana system, etc. Most of the core features of the game are in and proven and thus can be called an alpha build. I initially uploaded build number 19 but as I was testing, I noticed the web version was very unstable due to a bug in the code controlling the skeletons. I fixed the bug and added safeguards to prevent it from happening again. This corrected most of the problems but not everything. Then I assumed the lava shader was to blame. Build 21 has lava removed which helps more but still doesn't fix the issue.

So to address the issue, I'm going to downsize the level on the WebGL versions of the game by about 75 percent. I will still make the large levels available on standalone versions of the game though. I'm also going to add a size selector so you can pick what size map you would like to play on (I'll need to rework some of the generation process for that to work properly but it will). Lastly, instead of letting the player have control right at the beginning it will wait until the generation has finished because that first couple seconds is rough.

These changes will likely come in build 22 or 23.


Fire-Boy_0.7.21.zip 15 MB
Jul 10, 2017
Fire-Boy_0.7.20.zip 15 MB
Jul 10, 2017
Fire-Boy_0.7.19.zip 15 MB
Jul 10, 2017

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