1.0.39 - DEV

1.0.39 Dev

Even though the Jam is in the voting process, I am still working on the game so that after voting concludes, I can do a big update to the game. These next few builds will not be available to be played since even though it's not a written rule not to update during voting, it seems scummy to do regardless. But I will at least write a blog post about the updates!

Since the last version of the game, there have been additional tiles added to the generator (as well as documenting a new way of doing it for next time). As well, there have been improvements to the way the generator works (fixing some of the strange edge cases). There have also been a few bug fixes here and there mainly surrounding UI.

In this particular version, there have been some balancing changes made to help speed up combat. I decided that wasn't enough though, and  I wanted to implement an early "want" feature; Fire Runes. As a result, this version also has a rudimentary test of rune traps. Once the next update is released, it will be possible to press "E" to place a rune on the ground. When a skeleton triggers it, it deals a fatal hit to him and any nearby skeletons. This obviously comes at a price though in terms of mana, which I'm still working out to make it balanced. 

That's pretty much it for the new changes but then again, these have all been made in the 24ish hours since voting began. I will probably have a decently sized update when the time comes to push the patch. Make sure you stay tuned for that!

Thanks for reading.

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