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Hello! Thanks for checking out my game. The good news is, I got something ready for the jam, the bad news is it's definitely not finished. However, updates have been aplenty!

Get into the xmas sprit this year with Projectile Hecc: Winter Wonderland.

Santa is preparing a world takeover this year, bringing tyranny instead of toys. Years and years of ingrate kids have finally set him off. He's making a list, he's checking it twice, and it doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice. 

You, well you don't care about any of that. One of those jingle jolly elves decided to take your hot chocolate and to say the least, it's cold. So, you're left with a taste for revenge. 

This game is an OUYA EXCLUSIVE, for now. 


Right StickAim
Left StickMovement
Right TriggerFire
Left Stick ClickSprint

Post Launch:

So, several post-jam updates have been uploaded. 0.5.3 was the original jam version and since then several updates have been pushed to bring it closer to the original vision. There are still some features I want to add, I plan on doing a large update xmas 2022! These include. 

  • Better level generation
  • Ability to use trees as cover
  • Little intro cutscene
  • Boss + mini boss
  • Polish (real death sequence, balance, etc)


Projectile Hecc 0.5.3 OUYA 21 MB
Projectile Hecc 0.7.2 OUYA 21 MB
Projectile Hecc 0.8.5 OUYA 21 MB

Development log


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I like the snowball popgun and the little menacing snowmen.


lol cold hot chocolate