# Parchment and Sails (Jam Edition)

Manage your own colony in this teeny tiny simulation game. Accept or decline contracts that will hinder or help you as you try to attain prosperity for you and your people.

The goal of the game is to get to 10+ favor and 50+ total fleet size.

Ships cost 1000 pounds

Fail if you get to 0 pounds or reach 0 favor with your people

(Quick Note)

The game is really super duper unbalanced, and no sound. Will add more contracts and sound post-jam.


TylerCode (Code Stuffs)

JK (Content Stuffs)


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Oooh, it's interesting how you went for a photorealistic style as opposed to the pixel style of most jam games!

Also, this game reminds me of Warehouse Panic, which is really cool.