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Jam Day

Today was the initial launch of the game for the Weekly Game Jam. This game took a little longer than I anticipated and I hadn't really come up with a good way for designing the levels by the time I had to actually make the levels. So I got the levels together and then tossed some textures and fx in the world and called it a day. I spent the majority of the time on the main mechanic and making sure it worked in all cases. It had (still has) some bugs in it but I know what needs to happen going forward to correct that and expand on it. Making a very simple and elegant electrical system. 

I'd love any feedback on the game on what can be done better and I'm building a list (to check twice) to see if there is any magic here that I could turn into a full game. I have lots of ideas, I just want to make sure the game has the potential of having the special sauce that makes a game fun and entertaining. 

Thanks for reading and thanks to anyone who gives the game a shot. 

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