Bob and Rob

(See the Info section for some notes on how it was developed)

Play as Bob and Rob in this epic adventure of friendship, love, and absolute rage.  

Bob and Rob are in an awkward position, inside a whale. They need to get through the blood stream and get the heck out. Take care however, the blood cells are not stable and disturbing them will cause them to sink away. 

Play through the levels first as Bob, while trying to leave enough platforms for your second play through with Rob. 

Unlock level codes to return to lost levels later. Finish the game (11 levels) and be satisfied that you beat one of the hardest games in the United Game Jam!

View the trailer here: 

I'll be making a video DevLog on the same channel talking about the challenges of making a game on an unfamiliar engine, on a raspberry pi.  


Up, Right, Left = Movement
Q = Code Enter Screen (Main Menu)
Enter = Enter Code/Next (Menus Only)

Level Codes

Level 1 = E4XR
Level 6 = LE3T
Level 11 = H3CK

Info about Dev

This game was made for the United Game Jam, I spent around 28 hours on the game, the trailer, and the dev video. The game was developed on Construct 3 (which I had never used before) entirely on a Rasbperry Pi 4 (4GB). It was an interesting experience but it was fun to limit myself with the RPi

Music is: 8 Bit Retro Funk (By David Renda

Check him out here:

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer, Puzzle
Made withLMMS, Construct, Audacity
Tags2D, Boring, chiptune, Cute, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Retro
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Really cool concept and cool music! ^^

Thanks, its the first time I’ve felt like I had a winning idea from the get go on a jam.


Great idea! That pesky Bob is a pretty selfish guy in my hands! Nice concept - really enjoyed playing.

Thanks! And I know Bob really just looks out for himself most of the time.

Thanks for playing!


That’s the best game I’ve played today ;-)

Nice idea with one of the characters affecting the other one.

Thanks man! It’s the fist time in a jam that I actually had a good idea I think :D

(1 edit)

The music button only turns off the music it doesn't toggle. Which is a shame cause the music is great.

Oh NO! I didn’t even realize. I’ll have to do a post jam update and fix that cause I agree the artist did a great job!